If you hope for a miracle recipe, then, unfortunately, one doesn’t exist. Essential oils are just one part of a solution that includes a balanced diet, physical activity and more.

Understanding your appetite.

Did you know that the feeling of being full satiety doesn’t occur in the stomach but in the brain? The human brain creates the feeling of being full by taking into account the amount of food eaten and the amount of smell perceived by what are known as ‘olfactory receptors’. For this reason, people with ‘olfactory’ disorders of the brain have a higher risk of being overweight. Accordingly, by increasing the number of aroma signals we send to the brain, we can fool it by using aromas to signal that you have eaten enough. If you want to eat less food, before and after every meal, breath in vanilla, citrus, green apple or cinnamon essential oil. First, take three deep breaths with one nostril and then repeat with each other. If you feel the need for a cake or chocolate? Breathe in the aroma from our essential oil and need will go away.

My essential oil tips for weight loss are: Cinnamon essential oil – this will help control blood sugar levels, so it will be easier to give up cakes after lunch. Lemon essential oil – its fresh aroma arouses in the same way as coffee and helps break down body fat. Bergamot and grapefruit essential oil will act in the same way. Peppermint essential oil – its strong aroma reduces appetite, prevents trapped wind and indigestion. You can either inhale essential oils straight from the bottle, diffuse into the room or use steam inhalation.

I wish you success in the use of our aromatherapy products.

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