From blooming meadows to aromatherapy oils, bubble baths and body creams, people have long claimed that lavender has calming and relaxing qualities.

Lavender today has become a classic in the garden and perfume industry, it is widely used in medicine and even in cooking.

Before our era, ancient Romans and Greeks used lavender baths because they discovered the relaxing and calming benefits of this purple plant. And now, scientists have confirmed that the smell of lavender really does help people unwind.

Think about that dusky evening when you have a desire to relax, but your daily worries and stresses are still on your mind….. A Relaxing bath is one of the best ways to pamper yourself after a long stressful day. Better yet, add to this experience, aromas according your mood, desires, and needs.

Add a Lavender Seeds Bath Bomb – with it’s soothing, mind clearing and calming aroma of French lavender and lavender seeds. With candles on the edge of the bath and light music in the background. How better to Relax your senses using our aromatic and soothing lavender Bath Bomb.

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